Viral Paper \\ Charles Clary

Codastic Infestation - Charles Clary

Viral Paper // Charles Clary

These following works are three dimensionally complex. The artist Charles Clary uses paper as his medium to create these organically topographic objects in space. Each begs the audience to layer their Affective verbage on the artwork in an attempt to describe the formal acrobatics occurring.

I find that the first images I came across from this artist were what seemed to be two dimensional forms digitally created. It was only after finding the blog post linked to at the bottom that the mystification left and was replaced with intrigue. While some of Charles’s work is two dimensional and some is three dimensional, the question is ‘if the audience is meant to imply the third dimension into his work?’ as I did on my first view, or whether or not being in the gallery viewing the work is the audience searching for that perfect angle of view that compresses his work to the two dimensional. Either way the intricacy of his pieces will keep you staring into the pieces and continually rereading and questioning yourself each time.

At moments when he creates a ‘tower’ of sufficient size the shapes implode upon themselves to open up caverns to the interior.

Using this laborious process allows each individual layer to be pain stakingly inspected and pondered over, virally growing and giving a truly organic feel to the overall composition.

Drawing-Chalres Clay

Fermatic Pandemic Movement-Charles Clary

Percusive Art-Charles Clary

Fermatic Wilderness

Chalres clary-Fermatic Wilderness

Sourced from Yatzer


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