Secrets of Biodiversity \\ Nicholas Di Genova

Imagine a world, a bizzaro world, where incest has run rampant. Each species bumping uglys with one another, time and time again until all that is left is a collage of the world we once knew. Nicholas Di Genova lives in this world. His work imagines the possible outcomes of such events. No one should wait for Darwinism to take effect when we can peer into these drawings and get a sense of things to come. Genova is a kind of crypto zoologist but growing impatient with others to find his creations he hypothesizes them himself.

What is especially interesting is his attempt to explain the genealogy of the species. Through his surrounding family trees you get a glimpse into the origins of each creature, their siblings and close family members. Sometimes Genova creates monsters and sometimes they are friends. But if we look further into the artwork and past the content is where the real interest lies

Each creature creates a form. As we move closer into the drawing we are able to read the natural textures of the beasts, the scales, the hair, the skin and the horns. Then we move in once more into the scene and we discover the artistic prowess. The textures rendered into each patch of free space gives the entire composition its contrast and its life.

Cerberus-Nicholas Di Genova

Study012-Nicholas Di Genova

Study015-Nicholas Di Genova

grid mammal - Nicholas Di Genova

Sourced from Skeleton Hug


~ by jonathanhenry on February 3, 2010.

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