The Supernatural World in Which I Am Professionally Involved \\ Gordon Terry

a refusal of the materialist insistence on surface and plane

A Refusal of the Materialist Insistence on Surface and Plane-Gordon Terry

Most would view Terry’s work as revived psychedelic imagery. They would describe it as a drug laden trip through the subconscious primordial essence of humanism. They would say that the colors, mimic the LSD flashbacks and of this post lovechild generation. With the titles of the work as ammunition, they might go so far as to seek for an understanding of how socially conscious his works are and where to place him within the ‘save the world mentality’. But I read his work little differently and this is okay. He himself says that this multiply ontological work allows for

“There’s always a confusion implied between my materials and the way I manipulate them. The sterile, sleek, refined and clinical qualities of my cast, molded, and spilled acrylic polymers are filtered through the fluid, the organic, the chaotic, and the ornamental. Categorical shifts like these are very meaningful to me–much more so than the actual choice of physical material. I’m fascinated by the ways in which, for instance, my paintings can reference at once psychedelia, science fiction, modernism, the rococo, decadence, and hermetic texts–wholesome, natural beauty, and toxic, synthetic glamour.” – Gordon Terry

Bordering on the line between photography, sculpture, and painting, the sheer size of the works begs the viewer for closer inspection. Stand at the right distance away and your peripheral vision falls off and you get sucked into an alien universe with alien worlds.  While Nicholas Di Genova controls what happens on our planet, Terry dictates what happens in the seas and in the stars.

More than subject matter and perceived narrative, the technically created depth of information and texture of the work is where the real power lies. With the contents lack of formal associations, the work produces affective visual imagination. There is no understanding of process or procedure. There is no mental model or linguistic communication going on. The images produce pure atmosphere.

Not all the landscapes are as organic as the others. Some of these pieces have the hint of artistic intent, direction, and composition. Others have the law of physics and chemistry on their side during their formation. No matter the circumstances that give rise to each of the pieces, the colors and atmosphere created beg to be explored at various distances and for various lengths of time. When viewing one of this pieces that have multiple pieces on them it is very easy to spend hours scanning and focusing on all the content held within.

I truly believe that this is the mark of a good design! Having the ability to continually engage the audience on multiple levels and at multiple scales makes the art always giving. Never with the art ask for anything in return but your free time, attention and focus.

Blue Field Entropic Phenomenon-Gordon Terry

Often Originating with intelligent forces at present unknown to us-gORDON tERRY

Often Originating With Intelligent Forces at Present Unknown To Us - Gordon Terry

The Conscious Reconciliation of Opposing Forces-Gordon Terry

Sky Observes Time-Gordon Terry

Depleted Aristocrats, Marginal Poets, Unhealthy Socialites, and Other Deviants-Gordon Terry


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