Grad Thesis Brief \\ Jonathan Henry

In recent years we have seen a resurgence of emotive intent in architectural design. We have shifted emphasis from formal processes that aspired to produce readings, to voluptuous productions that aspired to produce affects. These designs from contemporary architects have sought to utilize vector primitive shapes for the creation of the architectural form through the faux-manifestation of dynamic site effects.

Much the same way a picnicking couple would search in the clouds of the sky; these monolithic single surface objects are doomed to the reading of figuration. Within this style of design there remains a vast separation from the gesture of the form and the sensation of the audience.

Value must be placed in the sensation created in the audience through the articulation of surface geometry. Through utilization of the visual sense to initiate sensations of the tactile, the geometry will play off of multiple senses of the audience in unison. It is my intent to not only to solicit the reading of the overall form, but simultaneously layer discrete sensational readings of the building that unfold through proximity to the surface. As the procession from afar to the interior of the building progresses, the building will initiate multiple and varied readings. Through the use of surface articulation at multiple scales, the building can engage notions of the visual and tactile in the audience and produce a more sensorial building in the built environment.

This method of surface articulation is possible on many levels of design. Each scale, while having the ability to achieve this effect, requires varied scopes of concentration. With the building, it is necessary to work with articulated surface. When approaching the urban scale, it is the built figuration that can produce these effects.

Through the utilization of varying layers of surface articulation, I intend to make room for the use of ornament in contemporary design. If successful, the design will be able to shift audience perception of it and allow for legibility of discreet sensations in combination to changing proximity.


~ by jonathanhenry on February 28, 2010.

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